Top Job Opportunities in Usa

Worried about your future ? Want to secure a job in united states of america ? Want high salary job ? This article will take you through job’s title , going along with salary , unemployment rate and what you have to do to grab these jobs.

It will help you in many ways . In this year as of now , health care jobs are taking away all the places and are dominating the list but technology field isn’t much behind . So , without wasting any time let’s dive into this article and look up for Best high paying jobs in united states of america in year 2020.

– Physical Therapist

As earlier mentioned , Health care arena is weighing heavy if you are looking for high paying jobs as unemployment rate is really low . Moreover , Annual salary is high approx. Eighty seven thousand bucks . After any disease or serious illness , you might see these physical therapist helping you moving muscles and in mobility of joints .

There are high requirements for physical therapists in this fields . There are also special fields or you can mention as sub fields in this department . To go up with this you must have a degree named Doctor of physical therapy and have a valid license , to get a job in united states of america . Employment rate can increase by 30% in next 10 years with increment of 60,000 jobs.

– Mathematician or Math’s Tutor

┬áThis comes under business and education department whereas in this field you have a really wide scope of earning , you can be a home tutor or an online tutor . If you are in united states of america , on an average a normal mathematician earns near about One hundred thousand dollars with unemployment rate of 2.3% . If you want to be a mathematician or a Math’s Tutor you must be a critical/expert in solving problems and you must have done good academic research . As of now , there is really less numbers of people who are well educated in maths and those who are they are doing really well in multi-national companies , Universities and Government associations .

According to survey , in coming years employment rate can be increase by 29% and will secure around 13,000 jobs.

– IT manager

Technology department isn’t getting behind there are less jobs in this area but less jobs means more amount of money and you will have more bucks if you are in this sector . In united states of america if you are an Information Technology Manager and manages all the works related to IT then you can secure a job worth one hundred fifty thousand bucks with neglibile percentage of unemployment . These figures depict that there is high need of workers / managers in this sector . This managing include social media marketing , digital marketing , Any work that is done on the internet , cyber defences , day to day maintenance and many other things . This is really worthy job . If you are looking for jobs related to computers and in IT sector then this might help you .

In next few years , this sector may expand with rate of 11 percentage by adding over 15,000 jobs .

– Health services manager

As we mentioned mathematician comes under business’s sector this is also one of those . If you are looking to excell in health and business industry than you are looking on right words . This will lead you to near about one hundred thousand dollars with unemployment rate of one percent . Health services manager plays a vital role in our life , these includes hiring staff, developing budgets , staff’s regulations , terms regulations and many more . This job is well paying and jobs number might elevate by 15% in coming years with addition of more than seven hundred and night five jobs .

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