How to get free royal pass in Pubg Mobile

Pubg is one of the most amazing games. Every pubg mobile player wants a gorgeous weapon, helmet, vehicle, parachute skins and a way to get these Royal Passes. The pubg mobile royal pass is filled with many attractive skins and rewards.

PUBG player always has been filtering out all the ways to get free UC and Royale pass with every passing season. Many PUBG players got lucky with UC tricks where they manage to get themselves 1000s of free UC with an easy trick. However, such opportunities for scoring free UC have dried up within the last few seasons.

Get Free M24 Skin  New Updated Method

There is a proverb that nothing in life comes for free of charge which just about holds true for PUBG Season 12 royal Pass also. But HEY! that doesn’t need to be true for you. you’ll get a PUBG Mobile Royal pass and more for free of charge by Participating in PUBG Mobile tournament every weekend. Well, not exactly free since there’s a participation fee but if you’re ok at what you are doing, it’ll be happy to you.

There are few ways by which you can get royal pass for free and by royal pass you can also earn 600 uc which also help you to busy more skins and crates. 

  1. Google Opinion Rewards – This app gives you rewards that are applicable in your country. The surveys from this app aren’t lengthy and return you a decent reward. The survey may be 1 Question or up to 20-30 Question. the higher the quantity of question the higher the reward are going to be .


This is one of the best way to buy royale pass but it will take some time .

  1. VPN trick

Make sure you have the latest version of Pubg mobile as it will only work in the latest version.

  • If you are from India, then download vpn as this trick does not work in India or for Indian users. After downloading vpn, connect to usa server. 

Here is Step By Step Process to Get Free M24 Skin  Updated Method

  • Open gmail. The VPN connection will redirect to you to us page then create an account with us country as free royal pass plus is just for them


  • As this trick is fully verified so don’t worry about following step

Sign in with this email on playstore

same way you continue to connected to VPN otherwise, you’ll get purchase error.


  • Same way go the playstore open it. Search for pubg mobile. You will find GET COUPON option there click on it. This coupon is of the united country so try if you’ll get free elite royal pass plus


  • Now open PUBG game, Go To UC purchase section and Purchase The Minimum Plan


Go for the payment 

​Now pay store will automatically show the amount zero

Then proceed to pay

Purchase is successful 

Repeat this process. 

​And now you can easily buy royal pass now

  1. Be a Pro

Another one among the simplest ways to get free PUBG Season 12 Royale Pass free is to be specialized at the game. PUBG has introduced bonus challenges and bonus rewards into the game. There is a bonus challenge where you and your squad would want to win 3 back to back classic squad matches. If you manage to try and do this, you guys would win 2500 battle coins. you’ll then use your battle coins to redeem UC. 3000 Battle coins are often used to redeem 300 UC. If you complete all the challenges daily, you’ll redeem over 600 UC daily.

After this you will surely abhe to get royale pass at zero cost and get attractive skins.

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