Advantages Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is light and heat gathered from sun and is captured by solar panels which contains solar cells and that light and heat energy is converted into electricity , with technicial machines .

When photons strike solar cells , they loose electrons from atoms and then a conductor is attached to cell’s negative and positive side , we have an electrical circuit .

Factors on which generated energy depends –

  1. Size of solar panel

 Size of solar panel matters , as it is directly proportional to the energy generated i.e if we have larger solar panel with larger number of solar cells so it will capture more amount of light and heat and that is why it is directly proportional to the electricity generated .

  1. Efficiency of solar cells in that panel

More the number and efficiency of cells in solar panel , more the electricity generated as if cells are more efficient so they will generate more energy even if they capture small amount of light , so that is why this is directly proportional.

  1. Amount of sunlight

Amount of sunlight that hits the solar panel , will have an effect on the energy that is being generated by the solar panel and solar cells . As if amount of sunlight is low , from where solar panel will generate electricity .

Benefits of Solar Energy

Not only one , there are many benefits of solar energy and can outweigh any renewable source of energy . Some of them are mentioned below –¬†

  • Sunlight is free

In this project , our main source of energy is sunlight and we know that sunlight is free for all of us , so cost is totally free . As sunlight is received on every surface of the earth whether you are living in Asia or America , you will recieve sunlight , only charges are of installation and maintenance . Our main asset is totally free .

  • Reduces Electricity Bills

As sunlight is free , and solar panels are one time investment so this will help you reduce electricity bills . Solar panels help you provide additional amount of electricity without any extra charges . So it will help you decrease electricity bills , which means solar panels are helping you to save more money . Moreover their maintenance is less so you will not have to put on lot of money on them .

  • More employment

This helps to create more employment as manufacturing companies will require more number of workers , maintenance team and much more and in change the will help to boost economy .

  • Less Cost

The expense of sun oriented has dropped drastically as of late, falling over 70% in simply the last decade.5 You’ll get a good deal on upkeep as well, since there are no moving parts to separate. Likewise, the expense of home sunlight based batteries have dropped significantly also. The benchmark levelized cost of power for lithium-particle batteries has fallen 35% to $187 per megawatt-hour since the main portion of 2018, as indicated by look into organization.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • High Initial Cost

Solar panels require high initial cost i.e one time investment . Everyone can not afford solar panels , so this is one of the major drawbacks of solar panels .

  • Cloudy days do not produce much energy

As our main source of energy is sunlight so if there is no sunlight or there are rainy days so how panels will generate energy . So these panels don’t work in areas where it is high amount of rainfall or rain is more often .

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